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Affectionately known as "Site B" (we got really creative with the name), our Fabrication Shop is the do-er of all things custom.

Although our name may not reflect our creativity, "Site B" is chalked with innovative minds and skilled fabricators ready to outfit any task. Our fabricators are surgical in constructing solutions to meet a wide array of truck equipment desires.

On your right, you'll notice a list we've fabricated...
(wait, that didn't come out right)
... a list we've assembled of our most common requests.

  • Custom Working Decks
  • Custom Toolboxes and Dunnage Trays
  • Custom Pad Racks and Lighting
  • Custom Aluminum and Steel Working Decks
  • Work Lights
  • Chassis Lengthening
  • Railgear
  • Paint and Refurbishment
  • and more!


Now. Sit back, relax and let the good times, scroll...