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Alternative cartage joins falcon equipment and makes the switch to palfinger

Alterative Cartage Inc (ACI) has been a loyal customer to Falcon for many years. When we told them we were making the switch to Palfinger, they were excited to make the switch with us!

This month ACI traded in two of their Hiab units for a brand-new Palfinger 40002 EH and a Palfinger 17.001 SLD3.

We mounted the Palfinger 40002 EH on a 2019 Western Star 4700 SF. Its customizations included fixed winches and a winch bar, an engineered bulkhead, two 5” pad racks and pads, aluminum toolboxes with barn doors and a 5” recessed centre channel with hooks and posts.

On the second build we mounted a Palfinger PK 17.001 SLD onto a 2021 Freightliner M2 106. This build has a custom 20-foot deck with sliding winches, a winch bar and holder, and a 24”x24”x48” aluminum toolbox with flip down doors.

These builds have already been put to the test on some intense job sites and ACI couldn’t be happier with how they are performing.

Terry Overdiek, President of ACI, had this to say about making the switch and working with Falcon Equipment, “Recently the time came to update some of our older equipment. Due to my experience with Falcon, and their interactive approach to the design and fabrication of our past crane units, I once again asked them to assist us. As usual they hit it out of the park. Currently we have updated two of our company units, one of the new units being a 2019 Western Star 4700 Tri-Drive with a PK 40002 EH-G. Although I am usually found operating our Hiab 858 with Jib 150, I chose to introduce this new unit to some of our customers before handing it over to our operator. I am now jealous of my operator! This truck is so easy to drive, comfortable and quiet. Then there is the crane… after adjusting to some minor differences on the remote I was immediately impressed with the single function unfolding of the crane! Raise the inner boom and unfold the crane, very simple, and a huge reduction in the potential for damages caused by improper procedures when opening or stowing the crane. Once I began operating this unit, I became aware of several things. The first and most noticeable was the lack of lithium grease coating everything. I was informed that due to the coating technology, white lithium grease is not required with Palfinger cranes. Less maintenance, reduced expense and no grease mess, excellent! The next thing I noticed was how smoothly and quietly this crane operates. After reading up on the “Paltronic” crane control system I had a better understanding of how this crane’s “brain” works. I even attempted to make it operate in a less then smooth fashion, couldn’t do it. It didn’t matter how abrupt I was, the crane immediately adjusted. Honestly, this crane will make even a novice operator look like a seasoned professional! We are so impressed with these two units and we are currently building a third Palfinger unit to add to our fleet!”