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Rail Lift Cranes in North America

Rail lift cranes are cranes that are built onto hi-rail trucks to assist with loading and unloading of rail construction and maintenance materials. Also, commonly known as rail self-loader cranes, they’re often used to pick up and drop off rail ties and OTM along the sides of railway tracks.

These cranes can come with a variety of attachments, such as rotating grapples or magnets, depending on the material being moved.

The truck body can also have specific tools or mechanisms for certain jobs, such as working decks and rotating dump bodies.

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We Sell and Service LOGLIFT Self-Loader Cranes Across North America

One of the biggest names in rail-lift cranes is HIAB’s LOGLIFT line of self-loader cranes.

We’re proud to work with LOGLIFT as a sales and service partner. We supply, maintain, repair and provide parts for LOGLIFT self-loader cranes throughout North America.

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Customize Your Rail Lift Crane for Your Needs

We’re experts in customizing equipment to the needs of independent operators and fleet managers. When you want to complete a job quickly and efficiently, customization can make a huge difference.

We can match the right crane with the right rail truck to give you more payload or easier operation. We can also install accessories or control systems to help you work more efficiently.

Whichever customization we make for you, you can always be certain that we’re adhering to all safety rules, regulations and guidelines.