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Bucket Truck and Truck-Mounted Crane Safety Training

At Falcon Equipment, we’re pleased to offer bucket truck and truck-mounted crane safety training.

These courses are designed to ensure the safety of you and your fleet operators. They can also prepare your crew for CraneSafe certification.

We can deliver these courses at our crane service locations or at your worksite.

For utility bucket truck or crane training, call us.

Training for Level B Crane Operators and Fulford Level A Challengers

All provinces in Canada have regulations and requirements for crane operator competency. Our training courses help you prepare for certifications and assessments.

Our training consists of the following theory lessons:

  • Applicable federal and provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards
  • Workplace safety and safe procedures
  • Below the hook rigging (e.g. safety factors, specifications for synthetic slings, chain slings, wire rope, shackles, eye bolts, wire rope clips, hooks, etc.)
  • Sling angles
  • Crane load charts and load calculations.

And the following practical lessons:

  • Hazard and risk assessment and control measures
  • Staging control zones
  • Inspection of rigging equipment
  • Common rigging knots (e.g. clove hitch, bowline, sheet bend, square knot, etc.)
  • Hand signals
  • Site planning and crane positioning
  • Inspection and pre-operations
  • Routine crane maintenance
  • Operating cranes with no weight
  • Operating cranes with weight
  • Preparing cranes for transport.

Our Commitment to Safety Doesn’t Stop at Formal Training

We’re committed to helping our customers operate their equipment as safely and efficiently as possible.

In addition to formal training, we can also visit your worksite and monitor how your equipment is being used. We can then provide written and verbal feedback on what’s being done well and identify areas for improvement. 

Additionally, when we hand you keys to newly acquired crane equipment, we’ll also provide you with an orientation on how to operate it. You can contact us anytime with additional questions.

We also offer programs to ensure the safety of your crane equipment, including annual safety inspections and crane stability certification.

Contact us for a quote on utility bucket truck or crane training.