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hi rail Under Bridge Inspection crane trucks

Under bridge inspection crane trucks are used for under bridge inspection, maintenance and repairs. They allow the crane operator to get directly under the bridge for safe and efficient access.

While the vehicle remains on top of the bridge on a road or rail, a crane extends underneath the bridge for visual inspection and repairs. Most of these units can convert quickly from road to rail and vice versa.

Operators also have the capability to control the vehicle remotely from their position in the lift basket.

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We Can Customize an Under Bridge Inspection Crane Unit for Your Needs

We can engineer and customize an under bridge inspection unit that’s perfect for your needs. Choose from configurations, accessories and attachments that will help your unit perform more efficiently.

These units come complete with self-drive rail gear to increase track speed and maximize track time during blocks.

In addition, all of our units are equipped with backup safety systems and load cell technology to help prevent safety issues.

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Crane Safety is Our Top Priority

Whether you’re looking for rail equipment, snow removal equipment or lifting equipment,  safety is always our top priority.

In addition to safety inspections and certifications, we also provide training on all aspects of crane safety and best practices.

At the end of each day, we want you and your fleet operators to return home safe—and with a job well done.