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All-Season Combo Bodies and Munibodies

We’ve been providing all-season combo bodies sales, service, rentals and parts for over 30 years! All-season combo bodies are also commonly known as four-season combination bodies or munibodies.

This specialized equipment combines all the functions of a conventional dump body with a built-in de-ice spreader.

With this combination of functions, these units provide the ultimate in flexibility. Convert from a dump body to a spreader (or vice versa) in just a few minutes—saving time and maximizing the use of your equipment.

For all-season combo body sales, service and rentals, call us.

We Have a Wide Variety of Four-Season Combination Bodies

Our combination bodies are available in light to heavy duty gages, with a wide range of lengths and capabilities.

We can work with you to put together the equipment configuration you need for your purposes. Equipment options include:

  • V-box sander or radius design box
  • Straight or sloped sides
  • Straight or high-lift tailgate
  • Multiple discharge locations
  • Dual auger, belt-over-chain or chain conveyor options
  • Uploading transverse conveyors
  • Fold-up side ladder
  • Liquid application system tanks and spray bars
  • Summer, coal or barn door chutes
  • Electric or manual tarp systems
  • LED light kit.

In addition to partnering with Henderson Products and Twin Equipment, we’re also proud of the four-season combination bodies we can build to your specifications at Falcon.

We Cater to Municipalities and Municipal Contractors

We have a strong relationship with fleet managers in many municipalities across Canada. And we’ve built those relationships on the basis of our high-quality products, expert advice and superior service.

Give us a call when it’s time to purchase new or used snow plow equipment, conduct preventative maintenance on your existing fleet or make some mid-season repairs with our mobile repair unit.

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