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Industrial Snow Blowers

Contact Falcon for industrial snow blowers that are built to clear roads or any large paved surface.

Snow blowers are essentially an auger-based method of snow removal. They scoop up the snow, feed it into an impeller and then blow the snow out of a chute. 

We have a wide variety of styles and models to choose from, including detached snow blowers and self-propelled snow blowers. Detached snow blowers can be mounted to almost any wheel loader.

You can also choose from different models for light to heavy duty applications.

For industrial snow blowers, call us.

We’re Proud to Partner with LARUE Snow Blowers

Based in Canada, Larue has been manufacturing industrial snow blowers for municipalities, contractors, airports and ski stations for over 45 years. They remain at the forefront by continually updating and improving their products for which they offer the widest range in the industry. With Larue, you’ll get the most cost-efficient, reliable and performant blowers on the market at competitive prices. Choose from a selection of loader mounted and self-propelled snow blowers with different capabilities, optional features and customization possibilities to meet your needs.

Your One-Stop Shop for Industrial Snow Removal Equipment

Why deal with multiple vendors when we can meet all your industrial snow removal equipment needs?

We can help you buy a snow plow, all season combo body or brine making system, whether you’re looking to add to your existing fleet or start a new one.

We can also help you with maintenance and repairs, both in our onsite service bays or via our mobile snow equipment service unit.

Call us for a quote on industrial snow blowers.