If you can think it, we can build it!

From Crane Dealer to Full-Service Equipment Solutions

Falcon Equipment was started in 1988 with a vision to offer quality and unmatched service to the crane industry. What started with 3 people in a small 3 bay shop has now expanded to 4 locations across Western Canada, mobile service trucks and satellite sales staff across the country. Our slogan, ‘If You Can Think It, We Can Build It’ summarizes our focus and desire to offer customized solutions to every application.

Falcon is a privately owned and operated company and ownership is hands on and involved in the day to day operations. Some would call us a little old fashioned, as we don’t have office voicemail, when you call us you don’t get a machine, you get a person. We’d still rather have a face to face meeting with a customer than do business through email, and it’s important that each of our staff knows and understands the morals and principles that guide us in our day to day business. There isn’t a person on staff (and we’d venture to suggest a lot of our customers too) that hasn’t heard a story from Rick Kielan our founder and CEO about him growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, sharing a life lesson, the mistakes he made and the responsibility and hard work that needed to be done day in and day out. Somehow, he eloquently ties this into every story he tells and sale he makes. Why do we share this? Because much of our foundation and values come from the life lessons, moral compass and experiences of a farm boy from Saskatchewan. Howard Hartin has also played a key role in this organization, as a contributing owner from day one. Howard leads by example. His extensive mechanical background and strong work ethic is a great example to our mechanics and other staff. His genuine care and attention to our customers does not go unnoticed.

From the start Falcon quickly expanded its product offerings to include a variety of lifting, municipal and rail equipment. In 2004 Falcon Shuttle Rail Inc. (FSR) started as a spin off from Falcon Equipment, focusing on mobile railcar movers for all of Canada, FSR has since expanded its product offerings to include hi-rail trucks and equipment, Light Rail Transit units, yard locomotives and custom-built units for the rail industry. Falcon and FSR, while separate companies with different ownership, share resources and a number of locations. Today they make up the Falcon Group of Companies.

In 2010 Falcon expanded outside of British Columbia and opened a branch in Saskatchewan and FSR opened a branch in Winnipeg, MB. Additionally, Falcon has sales people and mobile service in Alberta, and FSR has a sales person in Ontario. Most recently we were excited to announce our expansion into Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The Falcon Group is committed to relationships with our customers, our staff, our suppliers, and our market as a whole.

March 2018 marked our 30th anniversary. During the past 30 years we have grown into a full-service provider of innovative equipment solutions throughout Western Canada, including:

Our Rail Division product lines and offerings span all of Canada with sales and support into the US and other International Markets.

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Providing Service and Parts Across Canada and the U.S.

We stock OEM replacement parts for all the equipment we sell, as well as custom hoses, fittings, hydraulic components, PTO pumps and more.

In addition, we have a wide selection of crane attachments and accessories.

We’ve even developed our own brand of crane remote control systems called FalControl. FalControl was developed in 2005 as we saw a need in the market for a dependable and quality remote control. Not only do we sell our remotes to the Canadian market but we’ve sold FalControl into the US, Mexico and beyond.

We also ship rail equipment parts across Canada and the United States!

Representing Over 30 Trusted Brands

We’ve come to represent over 30 trusted equipment brands, including Hiab, National and Henderson.

Our early alliance with these high-quality brands reaffirmed our commitment to providing high-quality equipment that’s backed by excellent customer support.

When you bring together industry leading brands, with our knowledgeable and talented staff, we are proud to deliver a product and service that is unmatched in the industry. We won’t profess to be perfect though. When we do make a mistake or when an issue arises we are committed to working it through and ensuring you, the customer, comes first. We continue to focus on and expand our service and after-market parts, this coupled with our emphasis on relationship with our customers allow us to offer a unique One Stop Shop experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

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If you can think it, we can build it!