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Railcar Mover Repairs, Sales and Rentals

Locomotives and railcar movers are used to maneuver railcars to facilitate loading and unloading.

We sell and ship locomotives and railcars across Canada and the United States. We also rent and repair mobile railcar movers and locomotives across Western Canada.

Would you prefer to rent track-mounted equipment rather than buy? We rent locomotives and railcar movers with a variety of tractive effort ratings and pulling capabilities. Call us for more information.

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Tractive Power Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of industrial switching rail products and technology who are known for their industrial locomotives. Rail locomotives have robust performance, low maintenance costs, short wait times for replacement parts and more tractive effort with less horsepower. 



Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers

Shuttlewagon mobile railway cars use a proven, rubber tire drive system. This is the preferred system for industrial railcar switching operations globally.

We’ve chosen to partner with Shuttlewagon based on their experience in the industry and their innovative products. For over 45 years, Shuttlewagon has been setting the standard for railcar movers. We like them because they’re less complex, more reliable and easier to maintain—and our customers agree!

The First Choice of Many Railway Maintenance Supervisors

Falcon Equipment is the first choice of many railway maintenance supervisors and independent operators, mostly because of the experience and expertise we bring to the industry.

For over 30 years, we’ve striven to provide products that are easy to use and less likely to fail. We look for products that are engineered to place parts that might need to be replaced within easy reach.

These subtle differences might not be evident or even appreciated by less experienced users. But when you’ve been in the business as long as we have, you learn to value them. It’s part of what makes Falcon different.

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