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Falcon equipment crane traINING COURSE

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This training is for workers who operate a truck mounted folding boom crane. This training will provide the theory and practical knowledge required for Level B Operators or for persons who will be challenging the Fulford Level A Certification Assessment.

Theory Lessons Include:

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards.
  • Workplace safety and safe procedures.
  • Rigging ‐ below the hook (safety factors, specifications for synthetic slings, chainslings, wire rope, shackles, eye bolts, wire rope clips, hooks, etc.).
  • Sling angles.
  • Crane load charts and load calculations.

Practical Lessons Include: 

  • Hazard & risk assessment and control measures.
  • Staging control zones.
  • Inspection of rigging equipment.
  • Common rigging knots (clove hitch, bowline, sheet bend, square knot, etc.)
  • Hand signals.
  • Site planning and crane positioning.
  • Inspection and pre‐operations of the crane.
  • Routine crane maintenance.
  • Practical operation of the crane with no weight.
  • Practical operation of the crane with a weight.
  • Preparing the crane for transport.

Applicable Regulations & Standards:

  • Canada Labour Code Part II
  • Part 14 Materials Handling
  • Part 14.42 Ropes, Slings and Chains

British Columbia OH&S

  • Part 14 Cranes & Hoists
  • Part 15 Rigging

CSA Standard

  • Z150‐11 Safety Code on Mobile Cranes

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • B30.9‐2014 Slings
  • B30.20‐2013 Below‐the‐Hook Lifting Devices
  • B30.26‐2015 Rigging Hardware
  • B30.5‐2011 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes

Course Availability 

The cost of the course includes: 

  • One on One Training 4‐day course (40-hours)
  • 2 Persons in a 4 day (40 hour) course (3 person max in 4 day course) 
  • One on One Training 2‐day course
  • 2 Persons in a 2‐day course (operators same company)
  • 3 Persons max in a 2‐day course and operators from same company)

** Above courses are held in Surrey, BC **
** Courses can be customized to your required needs **

Note: 4 Day (40-hour) Course is recommended for Operators getting into the Crane Industry with no experience operating a crane. The 2 day course is recommended for operators who have experience and are looking to get refreshed with the rules and regulations..

Falcon Equipment Ltd only provides Crane Training, we do not certify an operator. To get your certification you will need to contact Fulford at 604‐398‐5230 . Our Course is to prepare you for the Fulford Testing for level B & A licenses. Once Training is completed Ooshew/Falcon will issue you a certification for completion of training. Your Actual Crane License will be approved and issued by Fulford after a Pass on Testing.

Please note that if you are operating a boom truck that is less than 5tons (9900/lbs) and less 25 ft reach you do not require a Crane License, but it is recommended based on your level of experience to take a training course. Falcon Equipment has limited amount of equipment for training and testing. If we have the equipment available for you to do your test we will loan this to you for a charge and a waiver that needs to be signed. No guarantee's that we will have equipment available for your testing but we will do our best to assist.

aerial work platforms Lessons Include:

Training Duration: 6 hours 
Delivery Method: In Person at the customer's location.

Equipment: Customer owned/rented equipment.
Prerequisite: Fall Protection Training 
Supplies Required: CSA approved work boots and hard hat, safety glasses, gloves.

Combo This Training With: Scissor Lift (+2 hours when combo with boom lift) *ask us for combo rate*

Theory Lesson Includes:

  • Applicable Federal and Provincial OH&S regulations and applicable CSA standards.
  • Manufacturer specifications for the model being trained on.
  • Hazard and risk assessment for workplace safety.
  • Safe operating procedures.
  • Hand signals and working with a spotter.
  • Safe approach limits to energized equipment and power lines.
  • Stability and working envelope.
  • Roles of a spotter/signal person.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Equipment transport.
  • Rescue scenarios.

Practical Lessons Include: 

  • Inspection of boom lift and surrounding work area.
  • Operating the boom lift and communicating with a spotter.
  • Emergency lowering procedures.

Applicable OH&S Regulations and Standards:

Canada Labour Code Part II: 

  • Part 12.10 Fall Protection Systems
  • Part 9 Elevating Devices

Alberta OH&S:

  • Part 3 Specification and Certifications
  • Part 9 Fall Protection
  • Part 23 Elevating Platforms and Aerial Devices
  • Schedule 4 Safe Limit of Approach Distances

British Columbia OH&S:

  • Part 11 Fall Protection
  • Part 13 Division 5 Movable Work Platforms
  • Table 19A‐1A Minimum Approach Distances When Working Close to Exposed Electrical Equipment and Conductors

Canadian Standards Association:

  • B354.4‐02(R2013) Self‐Propelled Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms (2013)

Terms & conditions:

Attendance & Registration:

  • Students must arrive 15 minutes before class starts to register; late students will not be accepted to participate in the class.
  • Students must be pre‐registered before the training date.

Student Attire:

  • Please inform workers to dress comfortably for "hands‐on" practical training.
  • Students must wear the site‐specific PPE when the class is being hosted at the employer’s worksite.

Inappropriate Attire:

  • The following are not appropriate for the training class: high‐heel shoes, open toe shoes, sandals, dresses, skirts, muscle shirts.

Training Certificates:

  • Students must complete the entire class and pass the exam with at least 80% grade to receive a training certificate. Training certificates will be emailed to the student and the employer.

Payment is Due: 1 Day prior to training start date (no exceptions)

Cancellation & Rescheduling:
5 business days notice is required for cancelling a training session to receive a full refund. 3 business days notice is required to reschedule a training class at no charge.

If you have any questions regarding training, please contact: 

Marianne Phillips
Crane Training Coordinator / Operations Administrator


Meet our Trainer

Discover unparalleled expertise with our lead crane trainer, a distinguished figure in the crane industry, boasting over four decades of rich, hands-on experience. Our trainer is not just an educator but a cornerstone of knowledge and practical skill in crane operations. Certified as a Level 1 Rigger Trainer from Fulford, they have dedicated over a decade to mentoring crane operators and have imparted advanced skills to Level B and Level A operators for more than 15 years. As a certified Level A Articulating Boom Operator, they embody the highest standard of operational excellence. Our trainer's expertise extends across a wide range of crane brands, with a deep specialization in Hiab and Palfinger equipment. Their skill set is comprehensive, covering essential crane accessories including pallet forks, spreader bars, block clamps, beam clamps, wire rope winches, and flying jibs. Beyond mere operation, they excel in the meticulous planning, documentation, and execution of both standard and complex lifts, including tandem and critical lifts.