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Professional Grade Salt Brine System in Western Canada

Get a professional grade salt brine making system in Western Canada from Falcon Equipment.

Brine (or liquid salt) is a cost-effective way to salt roads in the winter to increase road safety and facilitate snow removal. In fact, one hopper of salt can make up to 5,000 gallons of brine!

And brine can perform in temperatures as low as -21 degrees Celsius.

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We Chose Henderson Products for Industrial Salt Brine Systems

We’ve partnered with Henderson Products to offer our customers a salt brine system that can fill up to three trucks at once! It’s an all-in-one system that can make, blend and fill trucks. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the leading salt brine production systems on the market!

Using automation and intelligent software, this machine can continually produce professional grade salt brine at the touch of a button.

It consistently delivers the optimum mixture of 23.3% salt concentrate. It also automatically re-circulates if salinity falls below 23.3% and automatically dilutes if salinity rises above 23.3%. This precision eliminates excess salt use and waste.

It’s even self-cleaning!

Rely on us to grow, maintain and manage your snow removal fleet

We know that as a snow removal operator or fleet manager, you’re required to meet set service standards while keeping to your budget.

At Falcon, we’ve been partnering with municipal snow removal fleet managers for years. We’ll work with you to acquire new or used snow removal equipment, maintain the snow removal equipment you have, and make repairs as needed. You can count on us for our knowledge, expertise and excellent service!

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