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Crane Safety Inspection and Certification

All lifting equipment must undergo crane safety inspection and certification as required by WorkSafe BC and other regulatory bodies.

In addition, each inspection must be certified by a professional engineer. Only then is the equipment deemed safe for use.

We provide crane safety inspections and certifications that meet these requirements across Western Canada. We don’t just provide a decal; we provide you with peace of mind.

To schedule your annual crane safety inspection, call us.

Annual Crane Safety Inspection Components

Complete crane inspections must include structural, mechanical and operational components.

Structural Crane Inspection

Structural inspections include:

  • Crane mountings and base
  • Crane boom system
  • Outriggers and/or stabilizers
  • Winches and load lines
  • Hooks and latches.

Mechanical Crane Inspection

Mechanical inspections include:

  • Hydraulic system, including pumps, hoses, cylinders, hold valves and release valves
  • Extension and retraction cables and sheaves
  • Torque of mounting bolts
  • Wear pads and lubrication
  • Rotation bearings and gears

Operational Crane Inspection

Operational inspections include:

  • Verification that all mounted and remote controls operate properly
  • Verification that safety devices, such as load moment sensors and anti-two block devices, are functioning properly
  • Verification of crane operation as intended by the OEM
  • Load tests and cylinder drift tests.

Our Service Technicians Know Cranes Inside and Out

Our customers recognize us as equipment experts, especially when it comes to truck mounted cranes. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years!

At Falcon Equipment, we’re deeply familiar with all applicable regulations, laws and guidelines. We can make sure that your crane equipment is operating safely and efficiently so you can get your crane certification and get on your way.

If the inspection should reveal some deficiencies, we can make repairs  and perform necessary crane maintenance.

Contact us to schedule your annual crane inspection.