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Centralized Hydraulic Control Systems for Snow and Ice Applications

Centralized hydraulic control systems are critical for snow removal and de-icing equipment, such as snow plows, combo bodies, dump bodies and hooklifts.

Centralized hydraulic controls allow operators to control snow and ice removal equipment from the comfort of their cabs, including functions such as material flow and spread rate. They can also be used to manipulate underbody scrapers, wings and spreaders.

The controls themselves can consist of touchscreen displays, backlit panels, tactile controls or a combination.

We can configure central hydraulic controls to suit the preferences of operators or fleet managers for greater efficiency and less product waste.

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Hydraulic Control Systems from Certified Power

We’ve chosen to partner with Certified Power for hydraulic control systems for our snow and ice removal equipment. The engineers at Certified Power lead the market in developing controls that are safe, reliable and easy to use.

We also like Certified Power’s hydraulic systems because they’re easy to set up, calibrate, learn and use. They also require no special tools or equipment to program.

These controls are USB compatible for software upgrades, configurations and data transfers.

Additional features can also include:

  • Remote blast
  • Pre-wet open-loop
  • Liquid tank float input
  • Pre-wet closed-loop
  • AVL compatibility
  • Auto-mode closed-loop control
  • Test speed.

We Pride Ourselves on the Quality of Our Products

We choose our partners carefully, which is why we’ve selected top-level manufacturers and suppliers, such as PALFINGER, Certified Power and Henderson.

Snow and ice removal equipment that’s carefully selected, well maintained and expertly repaired makes your job—whether you’re an operator or fleet manager—easier and safer.

It’s why we don’t cut corners on the products we offer or services we provide.

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