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Hi-Rail Trucks for Railway Construction and Maintenance

Hi-rail trucks are dual-purpose road-to-rail vehicles that can operate on both rail tracks and conventional roads.

Also, commonly known as high-rail and hyrail vehicles, hi-rail trucks are most often used as part of railway construction and maintenance.

These vehicles can perform a wide variety of rail construction and maintenance duties, so they come in an assortment of designs and with different components. These can include:

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We Specialize in Hi-Rail Truck Custom Configurations

Customization is what we do best! We can mount rail gear onto almost any truck chassis to perform almost any job. All of our custom builds are engineered to reduce time and increase operator efficiency and safety.

We bring products to the rail industry that are easy to use and maintain. Some of our road-to-rail equipment takes less than five minutes to set up on the track and operate. In contrast, some of the configurations we see on the market take significantly longer—and are much more complex to operate.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

When engineering custom products, whether rail equipment, cranes and lifting equipment  or snow plows and spreaders, safety always comes first.

It’s one of the reasons why we also offer crane driver training and crane stability certification to our customers.

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