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Crane Stability Certification

We provide crane stability certification for new and existing crane installations. Ensure that your crane truck is safe to use and that you’re in compliance with safety regulations.

When crane manufacturers design a crane, they don’t know how it will be mounted. They supply load charts, but those charts may need to be adjusted when the crane is mounted on a truck or other platform, due to added instability.

The primary factors in stability are the weight and dimensions of the truck, the dimensions and location of outriggers or other stabilizers, and the mount location of the crane itself.

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The Crane Stability Testing Process

The purpose of the stability test is to identify situations where the load must be reduced (i.e. reduced capacity zones) and by how much.

During our testing process, which was developed in consultation with an engineering firm, our technicians lift maximum loads at different extensions and slewing angles, while monitoring the truck for signs of instability.

Once the test is complete, we provide you with an easy-to-read custom load chart certificate. The certificate remains valid as long as the crane and truck remain in the same configuration.

Our Technicians are Trained and Experienced

Crane stability testing pushes your crane to its limits—so you want to work with technicians who know what they’re doing.

Falcon Equipment has over 30 years of experience in optimizing crane truck configurations. All of our technicians undergo extensive training, both theoretical and practical, so they know how to perform stability testing carefully and accurately.

In addition, many of our technicians have worked as crane operators themselves, so they’re deeply familiar with the equipment.

We’ve tested and certified hundreds (if not thousands!) of cranes, so you can trust us do it safely, efficiently and accurately. It’s all part of the Falcon Factor! We don’t just provide you with a decal; we provide you with peace of mind.

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