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Hi Rail Trucks, LRT Vehicles, Railcar Movers and Rail Gear

We sell, rent, service & provide parts for rail equipment across North America, including hi rail trucks, light rail transit vehicles, rail utility vehicles, railcar movers, rail service trucks and rail gear.

Our primary hirail packages include:
Hi Rail Frog Package
Hi Rail Signals Package
Hi Rail Epsilon Package
Thermite Welding Package
Railcar Movers
Rail Cranes
Rail Utility Vehicles / Crew Speeders
Rail Service Trucks
Rail Gear

For rail equipment sales, parts and repairs, call us.

Our Rail Equipment is Easy to Set up and Maintain

At Falcon, we pride ourselves on carrying rail equipment that’s easy to operate and maintain. Our road-to-rail equipment can take less than 15 minutes to get on the track and start operating, whereas some competitor products can take significantly longer, with a much more complex operation process.

In addition, we purposefully choose to support rail based equipment that’s easy to maintain with fewer complex parts—making it less likely to fail. In many cases, our rail equipment can turn a two-person job into a one-person job!

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