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Hooklift Trucks for Landscaping, Road Building and More

We have hooklift trucks in a variety of lifting capabilities, from two ton to 30 ton. They’re ideal for any task that involves the hauling and dumping of materials, such as road work and landscaping.

Hooklift trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic hooklift system that allows operators to quickly swap containers, bodies and decks, including flat decks and dump bodies.

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Turn One Truck into a Multi-Purpose Fleet

Because one hooklift truck can haul multiple types of trailers and containers, they’re an efficient way to reduce the size of your fleet.

These trucks are safe and easy to operate. Drivers can pick up and drop off containers, dump bodies and flat decks while remaining in the safety of the truck cab.

We’re proud to be a supplier of PALFINGER’s hooklift line because of their durability, superior engineering and safety. PALFINGER hooklifts are number one in the world due to their industrial organization, compliance and certifications standards which ensures the excellent level of quality and reliability of their hooklifts in all situations.

Full Service Support from Start to Finish

We’ll work with you through all stages of equipment ownership, from purchase to maintenance to resale. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your fleet with the purchase of a mini crawler crane, fill a temporary equipment gap with an aerial bucket truck rental or put your team through crane operator training, we can do it all.

This all-encompassing service is one reason we’ve built a successful business over the past 30 years.

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