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Light Rail Transit crew speeder Vehicle (LRT) Sales, Service and Parts

We sell, service, & provide parts for light rail transit (LRT) crew speeder vehicles across Canada and the United States.

LRT crew speeder vehicles are primarily used for rail track maintenance. They can be outfitted in a wide variety of ways, depending on how they’ll be used. Having a customized LRT crew speeder setup can have a big impact on how well the job gets done.

For over 35+ years, we’ve been selling and servicing specialized rail equipment, such as rail lift cranes, scissor lift deck trucks and rail service trucks.

For LRT crew speeder vehicle sales, service and parts, call Falcon.

Build a Custom Light Rail Transit crew speeder Vehicle

Specialized jobs require specialized equipment. We can outfit your light rail transit crew speeder with a wide range of components and accessories for track services, such as hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical tool circuits.

We can also outfit your Unimog rail truck, rail cart and rail deck with rail gear, cranes and customized toolboxes.

Trust Our Expertise

We’ve built a strong network of railway maintenance supervisors and contractors over the years. They trust us to meet all their rail equipment needs.

We pride ourselves on bringing products to the rail market that are easy to use, easy to maintain and support more efficient work.

This is just one of the reasons why rail operators and large rail transportation companies come to us for their rail equipment needs. It’s the Falcon Factor!

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