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Mobile Lube and Fuel Trailer Trucks

Service your equipment in the field with a lube or fuel trailer truck. These trailers reduce downtime by servicing and fueling equipment as needed, without having to bring them in.

We’re proud to partner with American Eagle!

For more infield support, see our mechanic service trucks, oil field service trucks and deck trucks. We also provide mobile repair services.

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FuelMate Fuel Trailers

These fuel trailers are designed to transport fuel for re-fueling in the field.

The tanks are independently mounted on the frame with spring loaded bolts. This allows for maximum vibration control and easy access if repairs are needed.

The tanks also have a tub baffle system. This system helps reduce front-to-back and side-to-side motion during transport. Thirty percent of the fuel remains in the center tub.

These trailers are a cost effective alternative to transporting equipment to and from stationary fueling centres.

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