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Spreaders and Snow Plows for Sale

We carry spreaders and snow plows in a variety of sizes and combinations to remove snow and control ice. Tell us your truck class or size, we’ll help you select the equipment you need to remove snow and ice efficiently and safely.

We also carry many snow and ice equipment accessories, including wing plows (in a variety of sizes and configurations) as well as reversing and extendable underbody scrapers.

Purchase these units for your municipal fleet or have them mounted to your pick up truck.

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Snow Plows for Commercial Use

Our snow plows are available in light to heavy duty grades. We carry a wide variety, including:

  • Straight blade snow plows
  • V-plows
  • Reversible plows
  • One-way plows
  • Expressway snow plows
  • Full moldboard and trip edge style plows.

We’re proud to carry these respected snow equipment brands:

We also carry snow blowers and dump bodies.

Salt and Sand Spreaders

Our salt and sand spreaders are also available in light to heavy duty varieties. These spreaders can work with bagged de-icers (salt with calcium chloride flakes), bulk salt (fine, coarse or very coarse), sand or a combination.

We also carry liquid anti-ice systems and brine making systems.

Choose from different feed mechanisms (horizontal auger or pintle chain conveyor), material construction (304 stainless steel, painted mild steel or poly material) and power supply (gas, electric or hydraulic power).

Our spreaders are also available in tailgate and hopper styles.

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