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Liquid Anti-Ice and De-Ice Systems

Choose from our wide selection of liquid anti-ice and de-ice systems for road ice removal, dust control and many other applications.

These systems can be mounted to pickup truck boxes, dump boxes or combination bodies. We can also install them on hooklifts, and truck chassis.

Liquid anti-ice and de-ice systems are best applied prior to snowfall to melt the first centimeter of snow. This prevents snow and ice from bonding to the road, making it easier to plow and remove.

We also carry pre-wet systems that work with a spreader. These systems pre-wet the salt to reduce melting time and help the salt adhere to the pavement.

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Henderson Products & camion equipment

We’ve chosen to partner with two trusted de-icing market equipment partners - Henderson Products & Camion.

Henderson Products is North America’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty municipal snow and ice removal equipment. It’s a top tier brand that we’re proud to support.

Camion is leading the Great Liquids Evolution in the snow and ice management industry. As the method of using liquids to manage ice is growing, they focus on educating the industry and building the toughest, longest-lasting equipment in America.



The beauty of de-icing equipment is that it can be used for much more than anti-icing and de-icing! It can also be used for:

  • Dust control
  • Weed control
  • Water transporting
  • Plant watering/fertilizing
  • Soil stabilization
  • Fire control.

Fleet Managers and Municipalities Trust Us for Road Safety

Over the last 30 years, we’ve built strong relationships with fleet managers and their teams in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. They stay with us because of our industry experience, knowledgeable technicians and superior customer service.

Whether you need to purchase a plow truck, schedule equipment maintenance, or have some mid-winter emergency plow truck repairs to make, we’ve got you covered.

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