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Rail Equipment for Servicing Rail Lines and More

Falcon has a wide selection of rail equipment for sale in Canada and the U.S.A. We also provide rail equipment service and parts.

Rail equipment trucks are used to perform repairs and maintenance along rail tracks. We can customize them with a wide variety of accessories, depending on the applications for which they’ll be used.

Throughout, we’ll keep your safety, and the safety of your fleet operators, our top priority.

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We Can Customize Rail Service Equipment for You!

Having the right tools on your rail service equipment can help you and your crew more quickly and efficiently.

We can outfit your rail service equipment with all kinds of features and accessories, such as cranes, platforms, hooks, tool circuits and specialized compartments.

In addition, our experienced technical staff can mount hi-rail gear onto just about any kind of truck chassis.

30 Years of Experience in Heavy Duty Equipment

For over 30 years, we’ve been providing heavy duty equipment sales, maintenance and service expertise in rail equipment, snow and ice equipment, cranes and lifting equipment, and municipal equipment.

Many members of our sale and service teams have been with us for years. They proactively keep up to date on market changes and emerging technologies to provide you with knowledgeable guidance.

Our management team also has a wealth of knowledge and experience. In fact, the average tenure is 15 years!

In short, when you choose Falcon, you’re choosing a team with deep industry knowledge. We can help you choose, customize, maintain and repair your equipment safely and efficiently. It’s all part of what we call the Falcon Factor!

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