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Munibody Trucks from Henderson, Twin Equipment and Falcon

We carry munibody trucks for light and heavy duty applications. Choose the configuration you need!

Munibodies (also known as all-season combo bodies) essentially combine the functions of a dump truck body with a built-in spreader.

Because of their versatility, munibody trucks can be used year round. In the winter, they’re used for salt and sand spreading. In the warmer months, they’re used for materials delivery. 

This ability to combine two functions into one makes them economical.

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Munibodies from Henderson, Twin—and Falcon!

We’ve partnered with Henderson and Twin Equipment to offer high quality and versatile munibodies to our customers.

Because we’re also skilled at configuring truck bodies, we can also custom engineer a munibody truck for your specific needs at Falcon!

Choose from light to heavy duty models as well as from a wide range of lengths and capacities.

You can also select the configuration you need, such as:

  • V-box sander or radius design box
  • Straight or sloped sides
  • Straight or high-lift tailgate
  • Multiple discharge locations
  • Dual auger, belt-over-chain or chain conveyor options
  • Uploading transverse conveyors
  • Fold-up side ladder
  • Liquid application system tanks and spray bars
  • Summer, coal, or barn door chutes
  • Electric or manual tarp systems
  • LED light kit.

Safety is Our Top Priority

As an equipment operator, you want to return home safe at the end of each workday. And as a fleet manager, you want to ensure the safety of your operators and protect your company from insurance claims.

That’s why we make safety a priority in every piece of equipment we sell and service, from snow plows to hooklifts to flat deck trucks.

We also provide a free orientation to equipment before you take them off the lot. If questions come up later, we’re always here to answer them.

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