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If you can think it, we can build it!

Crane Sales and Service is Just the Beginning

Crane sales and service was how we got our start over 30 years ago, but that was just the beginning.

Today, we’re a market leader in innovative equipment solutions, including commercial lifting equipment, rail equipment, snow plows and ice equipment, municipal equipment, service bodies, utility trucks and more.

Our focus from day one has been relationships. Relationships with our customers, our staff, our suppliers and the industry as a whole. We know we won’t always be perfect, but we bring an attitude of hard work and integrity to everything we do, from our sales team to our service technicians to our customer support team, we want to work hard for you. 

For our customers, this means you are not just another sale. We want to work with you, listen to you and provide you a finished product that is unmatched in the industry. We want you to walk away feeling apart of the ‘Falcon Family’. 

For cranes services or other equipment needs, call Falcon.

Falcon’s Core Values

As an organization, we’re committed to the following core values:

  • Deliver
    • Quality
    • Value
    • Excellence
  • Foster
    • Relationships
    • Collaboration
    • Innovation
  • Promote
    • Safety
    • Family Culture
    • Well-being

Falcon’s Core Traits

In addition, we’re committed to embodying the following core traits:

  • Integrity
  • Stickability
  • Confidence with humility
  • Respect 
  • Accountability

Our Core Values and Traits are something we focus on and are something we work hard to provide in everything we do. While we know we aren’t going to be perfect every time, our focus on relationship and working with our customer is what makes us unique.

We have a great team here at Falcon, our staff work hard, they care about their jobs and the company works hard to invest in them. Every role here is important and everyone has a voice. We believe our focus on our staff to create a healthy, rewarding and fun place to work not only is good for employees but this will be seen by our customers and industry as it elevates our finished product and services and allows us to create a unique experience unmatched in our marketplace.

Contact us for a quote on any of your equipment needs.