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Agriculture Telehandlers in Canada

Choose an agriculture telehandler from the most trusted brand in the business! We’ve partnered with DIECI to bring our customers the most proven agriculture telehandlers on the market.

As agricultural operations have become increasingly complex, the need for equipment that can perform multiple functions has increased—which is why telehandlers have become an increasingly popular choice for agricultural production. 

With their wide variety of attachments, telehandlers can perform all kinds of jobs, including moving loose silage, stacking bales or maneuvering heavy buckets of feed. Often, they can accomplish tasks that would usually require the use of skid-steer loaders, small tractors, front-end loaders and even forklifts.

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Our DIECI Agricultural Telehandler Model Ranges

We carry a number of DIECI telehandler model ranges that are engineered for agricultural use.

Mini Agri Telehandler

This mini telehandler is designed for smaller agricultural operations. Its smaller size allows it to fit into even the tightest spaces such as chicken coops.

Agri Plus Telehandler

The Agri Plus telehandler is a fixed-boom telehandler that’s made for heavy and intensive agricultural use.

Agri Pivot Telehandler

The Agri Pivot telehandler has an articulated chassis and telescopic boom. It’s powerful and compact, making it ideal for working in restricted areas.

The Agri Tech Telehandler

This telehandler is extremely versatile. Designed for agricultural applications, it can be used as a tractor and so much more!

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